Code of conduct

All security guards and their supervisors :

(c) must act with honesty and integrity,

(d) must respect and use all property and equipment in accordance with the conditions of his or her licence,

(e) must comply with all federal, provincial and municipal laws,

(f) must treat all persons equally, without discrimination based on a person's race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, age or economic or social status,

(g) must not use profane, abusive or insulting language or actions,

(h) must not use unnecessary force,

(i) must not engage in behaviour that is prohibited by law,

(j) must respect the privacy of others by complying with privacy legislation and treating all information received while working as confidential, unless disclosure is required as part of such work or by law,

(k) must cooperate with police if it is required by law,

(l) must not be unfit for duty, while working, through consumption of alcohol or drugs,

(m) must not conspire with another person or aid or abet another licensee to contravene a provision of the Act or this regulation or a condition of a licence,

(n) must not wilfully or negligently make a false statement or false complaint, and

(o) must not misrepresent to any person the type or conditions of his or her licence or the nature of his or her authority under the law.

Reference: Security Services Act

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