Residential Concierge Services

We specialize in residential concierges and security. Guards and concierges for condominiums are carefully selected to provide the most reliable service for condominiums, semi-retirement and retirement residences and are well trained and prepared to meet the requirements and standards established by their respective Property Manage`rs. Experienced liaison staff always maintain around the clock contact with stationed guards and make regular, unscheduled visits to ensure quality service is kept to a high standard.

Our concierge personnel are licensed security guards, regulated by a branch of the B.C. government.

Concierge duties range from Access control, Reception, Visitor registration, Closed circuit TV monitoring, Parking control to Amenities control and more...

We understand these services well and can help you identify your need.

We Provide

Auctions security | Pulp & Paper Mills security | Logging Companies security | Contractors security | Contractors security | Auto Dealerships security | Car Dealership security  | Freight Brokers security | Lumber Mills security | Bankruptcy Trustees security | Warehouse Security | Grocer’s Retail and Wholesale security | Mining Companies security | Restoration site security  | Mobile Home Security |  Golf Courses | Motion Picture Industry | Mall Security | Film studio security | Hotels Concierge and Security | Jeweler Retail & Wholesale security | Containers Cargo Freight & Storage security | Real Estate Developers | Shipping Docks security | Security for Property Managers (Strata) | Storage Outlets security  | Truck stop security |

Don't see your industry, please call us. We customize to suit your need.