24 Hour Monitoring

Remote Video Surveillance:

By installing video cameras at key locations, we can provide 24-hour monitoring of your site. The visibility of cameras also act as deterrents for trespassing, theft and vandalism. During off-hours it is remotely monitored and in the unlikely event, the alarm can be addressed in the way you deem is appropriate. Mostly, the desired response is to visit the site and contact the authorities if required. Events are stored so that any on-site accidents or equipment damage can be investigated without bias.

We Provide

Auctions security | Pulp & Paper Mills security | Logging Companies security | Contractors security | Contractors security | Auto Dealerships security | Car Dealership security  | Freight Brokers security | Lumber Mills security | Bankruptcy Trustees security | Warehouse Security | Grocer’s Retail and Wholesale security | Mining Companies security | Restoration site security  | Mobile Home Security |  Golf Courses | Motion Picture Industry | Mall Security | Film studio security | Hotels Concierge and Security | Jeweler Retail & Wholesale security | Containers Cargo Freight & Storage security | Real Estate Developers | Shipping Docks security | Security for Property Managers (Strata) | Storage Outlets security  | Truck stop security |

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